Staminax Premature Ejaculation Pills

“A series of clinical trials on patients was conducted, and recorded a near 92% success rate, with 83% of subjects being permanently cured of the problem. I strongly recommend Staminax.
Bernhard S., M.D.

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I don’t have any sexual problem but have always dreamt of doing it longer. Last night, I went on for an hour! Whoaaaa!”
ChrisY.,38 years old

“I’ll be honest with you… I don’t have erectile dysfunction. I take Staminax merely to improve my performance. On my first try, it took me about 15 minutes to get the hardest imaginable erection of my life! Mind you, at that time, I was just having a cola while watching MTV. There was no stimulation – mental or physical. The next time I had it, me and my girlfriend had the greatest sex ever, which lasted well over 1-1/2 hours!
Alvin C., 47 years old

Staminax is fantastic, ( I am a diabetic) and I’ve never felt such fantastic energy and such a rock hard penis, EVER. Thank you so much for Staminax, its a bloody miracle product. I have become very enthusiastic and can’t stop talking about it and am most grateful to you.”
Norman, Bedfordshire UK

“Its refreshing to find a natural product that does what it claims to do!”
Ian, Surrey.

“Premature ejaculation – that’s my biggest problem. My girlfriend left me for my best friend after failing to get satisfaction in bed from me. It busted my ego for sure. I tried all ways to solve it but to no avail, until I discovered Staminax. After being on this God-sent herb for a week I started seeing changes, and now I can last 30 minutes without a problem…”
Subramaniam A., 30 years old

“I am a medical doctor by profession. Years of drinking and smoking took a toll on my sex organs. As a result, I could not have and even I did (occasionally), I could not maintain a stout erection. I didn’t take other brands because of its side effects. A friend from South Africa recommended me to Staminax. As it is herbal, I felt safe to ingest. To cut to the chase, I am now able to enjoy a full session of satisfying love-making with my wife 3 times a week. By the way, I am 62 years old.”
Dr. Bernhard S., 62 years old

“After I lost my job, I became very depressed. Sex was the furthest thing on my mind then. Even my naked girlfriend couldn’t turn me on. I felt I had to do something before she leaves me for someone else. A friend told me about Staminax and bam, I am having the best sex ever!”
Iskandar B. N., 36 years old

“Being diabetic, I had trouble getting an erection. The first time I used Staminax, I got an almost immediate uplifting effect. My wife was stunned!”
Lee H.H., 64 years old

“Thanks to Staminax, I now have a fulfilling sex life that I never had before! My wife jokingly suggested that I should act in porn movies now!”
Ronald L., 52 years old

“I was one of the very first to try other leading brands for my erectile problem and it was expensive. Though I don’t like drugs, I had no choice until my pharmacist recommended me Staminax. I swear, Staminax is more effective than other brands, at a fraction of the cost! What more can I ask for?”
Steven B., 49 years old

There was a time when my wife had questions to my ejaculation problem. She thought that i had lost all my sexual desire at the starting of sex life. But it was difficult to explain to her. I researched aIways for some treatment that can help me with my ejaculation problem but was frustated. Fortunately i received an email from Delay guys about their product. I thought its better to give it a try rather than harsh words from my wife. I worried about the side effects as well. But today i can say that i am the most happiest person on this planet with ability to satisfy two at same time. My wife had questions to ask like “When you will cum?” Thank you Staminax guys.
S. Clarke

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Its my first time ordering to you the pills and thought to send feedback for the pills. The changes came in the very first week of taking the pills and in within this duration i have gained more than 11 minutes erection time. Now its possible for me to hold erection more longer and my goodness i can still feel my partner moaning. Thank you so much StaminaX.
- Kane