Staminax Premature Ejaculation Pills

“A series of clinical trials on patients was conducted, and recorded a near 92% success rate, with 83% of subjects being permanently cured of the problem. I strongly recommend Staminax.
Bernhard S., M.D.

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How do I believe that StaminaX is a genuine product?
It is natural for you to have these doubts considering the large number of herbal supplements making so many claims. Please go through all the information provided on this site before you place the order. It is better for you to examine the ingredients and to do your own research on the internet to satisfy yourself. We have been in business for more than a decade and hundreds of satisfied customers have enjoyed the benefits of StaminaX. We give complete information about the product and you can always write to us with your doubts so we can clarify the same. We also offer a Money Back Guarantee for our first time customers. You can always discontinue the product if you are not satisfied with the results and enjoy the Money Back Guarantee. With so many customer friendly features, you can safely rely on using StaminaX.

Do I require any prescription?
No. Herbal supplements are safe to consume as there are no side effects. However if you are suffering from any medical condition or pregnancy or serious ailments it is advisable to consult your physician.

What do the pills contain?
The pills contain well-researched herbs and elements which occur naturally. Please go through the ingredients page to know more details and do your own search on the herbs to satisfy yourself. The pure extracts of these herbs help in improving general sexual stamina, erectile and ejaculation functions. As these are natural substances, the body does not react adversely and hence there are no side effects.

What is the recommended dosage?
The usual dose is 2 pills per day. Take the pills with water. Each bottle contains 60 pills and the contents are for a month. Please make sure that you are very much strict with the pills in order to see better results

Do not miss the dose for any day as this is a scheduled course for three months. In case you miss the dose then take it as soon as you remember. But if it is time for your next dose then skip the first one and then continue with the schedule. Do not try to double-up in order to catch up.

How long does it take for results to show?
In most cases the effect is seen by the end of the first week. You will find a good improvement in control over ejaculation and you will be able to enjoy your sexual life. The total course is for three months and it is recommended that you continue the same. Once the course is over you can stop the pills. In rare cases, it is found that an extra month of dosage is required for satisfactory results.

Is there any record of satisfied experiences?
We conduct special studies on volunteer groups to specifically record the effect and potency of the pills from time to time. We have the records of the volunteers who have given us day to day improvements or effects noticed by them while on the recommended dosage/ course. We were surprised to note that some of them enjoyed an increase in the size of the penis apart from longer erections. You can go through testimonials which are furnished on our website on a separate page.

Do I need to take these pills forever?
No. Once the three month course is completed you can stop the same. However if you feel that the condition has set in once again after a gap, you can start the course again. As the supplements are non-addictive it is safe to repeat the course.

Is there any kind of side effects from these pills?

The herbal extracts are derived from pure herbs and hence very safe to use. There are no recorded side effects or complaints from customers regarding any adverse reactions.
They are non-hormonal and non-addictive.

How can I place the order and how is the product shipped?
You can order the same online by paying through any major credit cards. As soon as the order is approved we send the shipment. The shipment is despatched within 24 hours of placing the order. We use Airmail to send the products and it normally takes 5-10 days to reach your doorsteps. In case you do not receive the shipment within 10 days please contact us.

How will I know my order is received?
Once your credit card is billed you will get an email as well as a mail for confirmation.

I do not want people to see the details of my order. How can you help?
The neatly packed consignment will not have any printed details on the top about the contents except general inscription as Health supplement. As the herbal supplements are under dietary supplement category there would be no problem.

What name will show up on my credit card statement?
The product name will not show up on the credit card statement.

What if i am not satisfied with the results?

StaminaX is made from natural herbs and is “100% satisfaction guaranteed” from our end. The product has been selling since 1999 and there have been no returns or complaints so far. In 95% of cases the sexual problem was completely solved while 83% of them also found an increase in size of their penis. You can write to us your difficulty or complaint and our expert team will analyze and guide you in the matter to obtain better results.

However we do provide a money back guarantee for our first time customers. If you are still not satisfied with the results or our expert’s guidance, you can return the shipment and we would accept the same and refund your money for the pills but not the shipment. In such cases, do contact us to know the complete return instructions.

Its my first time ordering to you the pills and thought to send feedback for the pills. The changes came in the very first week of taking the pills and in within this duration i have gained more than 11 minutes erection time. Now its possible for me to hold erection more longer and my goodness i can still feel my partner moaning. Thank you so much StaminaX.
- Kane